2 min readSep 21, 2022

What is DonutME?

DonutME will try to ensure that our users win the Solana award by playing our endless running game .
You don’t need to have NFT to play the game. But the purpose of owning an NFT is to earn income .

So What Game Will it be?

Our plan is to be a game with the endless running game style that everyone knows . We will allow them to enter the game with a certain entry fee (0.01 Solana) .The purpose of doing this is for the winner of the game and the NFT holders to generate income.
It also means that everyone who plays the game has a chance to win the game, so everyone has a chance to win the Solana prize.
Solanas collected in the pool at the end of X days will be distributed proportionally to the winner of the game and NFT holders.
We will talk about our reward distribution plan later.


DonutME NFT is a collection of Pixel NFTs, each drawn 1/1 . Users who own NFT will be able to log in to our game with their NFT .
Users who do not have NFT will be able to login to our game with NFT which is accepted as standard .


Step 1: Launch 222 DontuME NFT at ? Solana

Step 2: Marketing to grow up the project

Step 3: Explaining the reward distribution mechanism

Step 4: The emergence of the DonutME game

Step 5: First game and distribution of prizes

Step 6: Forever Fun with DonutME!

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Probably the sweetest 1/1 collection in Solana .